We've been teaching dance and exercise in the Bedford area since 2002 and we believe in creating classes for all ages and abilities

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This class is for those aged 2½-4 and helps children prepare for pre-primary classes when they are old enough. It helps develop a early good foundation in ballet technique and musicality to give children a head start.

Beginning Ballet

From age 3½+ we teach Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) graded syllabus classes from pre-primary up to Grade 7. Pupils will learn to develop their classical technique using the barre, centre and character dancing, followed by a session of free movement.

RAD Syllabus Classes


We offer a friendly atmosphere, smaller class sizes for greater individual focus and have a record of producing strong exam results

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For all classes, fees are payable in 10-week blocks prior at the start of each block (we split the year into 4). For the actual price per class please email as these vary between class to class and venue. Please note, we do not accept pay-as-you-go arrangements and absences must still be paid for.

Fees and Costs

If you're interested in joining one of our classes please contact us via email. New students need to be booked in through contacting us before attending their first class. Also please feel free to contact us with any questions!

How to join

Why us?

Ballet is good exercise as it utilises all parts of the body and with a well-developed technique produces strength, flexibility, endurance, spatial awareness and control. It is a beautiful art form and basis for all dance that also teaches discipline and patience.

We currently run ballet classes in Bedford for those aged 2+. Below are the different types of ballet classes we run (for all ages and abilities). We mainly run children's classes however we do have some options for those 18+.

The classes we currently run

We run a Beginner Ballet class for those with no experience in ballet. If you have experience in ballet our Grade 6 or 7 class can be an option.


If you do not want a traditional ballet class which focuses on technique, we also offer a ballet-exercise hybrid class (Fitness Ballet) which is for those with intermediate or above experience.

Adult Classes

We also offer pointe classes for our students who we believe are ready to go alongside their ballet classes. For those working towards their pointe shoes we offer classes that will build the strength and flexibility needed (our Pre-Pointe Workout and Pointe Workout classes).

Pointe Work

We currently do not enter students for RAD exams, however have done for over 4 years so we have good knowledge of how to prepare students for exams successfully. Our classes could also be a good 'top up' class to other dance schools for exam preparation.

Exam Preparation

Discounts are available if a student attends more than one class a week or has a family member attending a Dance4all class (excludes Private classes). For more details please email.


As blocks of classes are pre-paid we understand that sometimes classes will be missed due to circumstances or illness etc. so to make sure you're not out of pocket 'catch-up' classes can be arranged with the teacher to tag along to an equivalent class in the week alongside your usual class.


All our ballet classes have a class uniform (with the exception of Fitness Ballet). Uniforms are available for ordering from ourselves and fittings can be arranged outside of class time with the teacher. Fittings take 20 minutes and will take place at Goldington Avenue in Bedford.