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It's Parent's Week 2016!

By Dance4all, Jul 14 2016 01:32PM

All of our current students should have received an email informing them Parent's Week which takes place the last week of term (aka next week, Monday 17th July to 22nd July).

For those of you who are new to Dance4all, Parent's Week is when parents and family can sit in on the class (which is usually not alllowed) however doing this means the class can become a sort of presentation-parent's evening hybrid where the students can show what they learnt so far and their progress to their family.

Our timetable also tends to change a little this week as we try to merge different classes of the same type (i.e. Pre-Primary) as some of our venues have quite a small studio area and so would be very difficult or near impossible to fit all the students, their parents and family and the teacher all in. However we try to accomdate everyone so if someone cannot make another time, day or venue we can sort it all out. If any changes effect you you should have already received an email concerning all the relavent details.

This accademic year has gone by quick and we look forward to seeing everyone (and their parents and/or family) in class next week.

Thanks so much for all your support and don't forget your tights! (On a more serious note about the last part all students must be in full uniform and in tights for their Parent's Week class because of our child protection policies - don't worry we have loads in stock).

P.S. A Parent's Week timetable shall be uploaded by the end of tomorrow to show which classes are participating in Parent's Week (if there is no 'PE' next to them then it will just be a normal class).