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By Dance4all, Oct 9 2018 01:26PM

Hello! We hope everyone is settling into the new accademic year well. If you've tried to access our site over the past couple of weeks you were likely unable to, however thankfully everything is fixed now. The issue was to do with the change to our domain registar.

Thank you so much for everyone's patience!

Dance4all x

By Dance4all, Aug 20 2018 06:09PM

Hello all! It's been a while and sadly summer is almost at an end however that means that classes soon start again which will be the week commencing Monday 10th September.

Returning Students

Please let us know whether or not you will be returning by Saturday 25th August! This is very important so we have an idea of numbers and also so we can save your space in class.

New Students

New students are always welcome to join at any point in the year. If you are interested in any of our classes just send us an email so that we can answer any of your questions and book you into your first class. There's no deadline to join as mentioned however please note that class spaces are on a first come first serve basis, and our class sizes are smaller than most other dance classes to ensure that everyone gets enough individual focus.

We look forward to seeing old and new faces this September, and remember to just send an email if you have any questions.

Dance4all x

By Dance4all, Jul 12 2018 02:54PM

It’s already time for the River Festival, and just like the last one we will be performing on both the Saturday and Sunday. Please find all the information you need below, but also please feel free to email or call (07736 229076) if you have any questions.

We have 4 performance slots (which are 10-15 mins each) over the weekend (2 per day), please check which slots your child is performing in (most are dancing in more than 1 slot).

If your child is in our more senior classes (L2D III, Grade IV, V or VII) please just refer to the final section.

Please check which slots your child is performing in to know what day and time (the times are shown further down under the corresponding slot information). If you do not know which class your child is in or are unsure please just email or call and we’ll let you know.

Saturday 14th July 2018

Slot 1

Classes performing:


Grade IV

Grade V

Grade VII

Please refer to the last section as those in the above classes have a different timeline to our other students.

Slot 2

Classes performing:


Grade I

Grade II

Grade IV


Beginning Ballet

16:15 – Please arrive backstage to get ready

16:45 – We start performing on stage

17:00 – End of performance

Sunday 15th July 2018

Slot 3

Classes performing:


Grade II

Grade IV

Grade V

Grade VII

12:45 – Please arrive backstage to get ready

13:15 – We start performing on stage

13:30 – End of performance

Slot 4

Classes performing:

Grade I


Grade IV

Grade V

Grade VII



Beginning Ballet

15:45 – Please arrive backstage to get ready

16:15 – We start performing on stage

16:30 – End of performance


For each performance we will be on the Sports Village Stage. This stage is next to the boating lake, please refer to the map below for further detail (the stage we will be performing on is circled in red).

What to Wear!

Please make sure your child arrives in their uniform leotard and tights with their hair tied back (this can be any style and as pretty as you like). Please also make sure that their uniform is in presentable condition with no stains, rips or ladders (this includes shoes). Please let Angharad know if new items are required before the day they are performing.

Tights are very important! Due to child protection if your child has no tights they will not be able to perform.

What to Bring!

- Jazz shoes or Ballet shoes (the shoes they wear in class)

- Zip-up cardigan or jacket

- Bottle of water (please no other drinks because they could stain our costumes!)

- Snacks (no sticky or melty foods!)

- Any medication (please put any in a named bag)

- Sunscreen

- Spare picnic blankets (if you have any spare which we could borrow to help our students get changed and ready would be appreciated)


After our performance slot we plan to take photos of our students backstage. If you have indicated on your child’s permission form that you do not want your child’s image to be used in publicity shots, we will have a list of names on the day to make sure they aren’t included in any of our photos.

On the Day for Each Performance Slot

If your child is unable to perform last minute please call us to let us know ASAP on 07736 229076.

Please arrive promptly at the times indicated above to the backstage entrance of the Sports Village Stage.

Before handing your child over please be sure to sign them in on our sign in/out sheet and confirm the contact number we have for them in case of an emergency. Children must be signed in or out by a parent or guardian or we must have written permission prior to the day informing us who will be signing on your behalf.

After their performance there will be photos taken backstage.

Children will then be taken out of their costumes. Please do not leave with any.

Afterwards your child will be handed back to you (or sooner if you do not want them to partake in the photos) but please be sure to sign them out on our sheet. Please wait outside the backstage entrance for this.

Senior Students (L2D III, Grade IV, Grade V, Grade VII)

Students of these classes have a different timeline and meeting points to all other students, please ignore if your child is not a student of these classes.

Saturday 14th July 2018

10:30 – Arrive at Angharad’s house for rehearsals, costumes, hair and make-up

14:30 – Leave for the River Festival

15:15 – Arrive at the Sport’s Village Stage to warm-up and rehearse

15:45 – Perform on stage

15:55 till 16:30 free time

16:30 – Meet at Sports Village Stage to warm-up and rehearse

16:45 – Perform on stage

Sunday 15th July 2018

10:30 – Arrive at Angharad’s house for rehearsals, costumes, hair and make-up

12:00 – Leave for the River Festival

12:45 – Arrive at the Sport’s Village Stage to warm-up and rehearse

13:15 – Perform on stage

13:25 till 15:45 free time

15:45 – Meet at Sports Village Stage to warm-up and rehearse

16:15 – Perform on stage

What to Bring!

- Black Leotard

- Footless tights

- Jazz/ballet shoes

- Sun cream

- Water

- Hat if needed

- Packed lunch

- Warm jacket/zip-up jumper

- Costumes (all your costumes are your responsibility till you finish your performance)

- Medication if required (inhalers/hay fever tablets)

- Hair brush

- Bobby pins

- Elastics

- Basic make-up (foundation, cover-up, mascara) if you own any

- Spare picnic blanket if you have any we can borrow (to help us backstage)

Please do not bring valuables or money as we cannot guarantee its safety.

By Dance4all, Sep 4 2017 12:27PM

Hi everyone, it's been a very long time!

Angharad is all settled in with Joseph and keen to start classes again this September. Originally classes were meant to start this week however due to Joseph catching chicken pox all classes are cancelled this week making our new starting date to be Monday 11th September.

We thank everyone for their support through the years and look forward to the upcoming teaching year!

If you haven't booked in yet, there's still time and space so please feel free to email, text or call.

By Dance4all, Aug 5 2016 04:54PM

The office will be closed for the entirety of next week, so this means that any phone calls won't be answered and responses to emails will be sent the week after. However if you are placing a booking or have any questions please still send us them via email as we'll go over all of them when we're back in the office on 21st August.